My Work My Work Copper Radius This was a custom un-even radius. After forming, I had to heat, bend and cool by hand to get the right fit. 15354073 Custom Hand Made. Overlooking the studios, I was asked to design this custom gutter to solve a leak problem, and give the house a great look. 15354072 Hand Made Aluminum Guitar Prototype. It sounds pretty good too! I mounted the neck so you can change the action for strumming, finger picking or slide with the turn of a screw. 181924959 Hand Made Aluminum Guitar 181924544 Same Gutter 7 Years Later 164042583 Copper Gutter, Burbank Detail wrap-around. 15354071 Copper Awning Manhattan Beach Circa 1993 45768938 Radius Gutter Manhattan Beach. This was right on the strand. The original architect hired me for this. What a treat to work there. It turned out great! 45768940 Downspout Inserted into unique copper lined wooden gutter. 15354099 Copper gutter. 15354100 Craftsman Restoration 43107272 Custom Crawl Space Cover 58394238 Quarter Round Gutter 58394239 Copper with Rain Chains 140980513 Copper with Rain Chains 140980515 Copper with Rain Chains 140980514 Copper with Rain Chains 140980516 1960s Faux Oriental I got a free trip to Lompoc to do this one. 168044704 Comercial Building. 171934913 Hollywood Macaw A little old Korean Lady was wheeling this guy around in a shopping cart. I just had to take a pic. 45768939 Metal Roof 196198008 Powder Coated Metal Deck Roof 196198009 Standing Seam Carport Roof 198477825 Standing Seam Carport Roof 198477826 After Fascia Board Cover 198613464 Before Fascia Board Cover 198613467 Custom 4x6 Tapered Gutter 200899876 Mansard Roof 204167066 206067233 Copper Work 204167067 Custom Patio Box Gutter 206067234 Pool Equipment Enclosure 204167068 Pool Equipment Enclosure 204167069 Custom Copper Quarter Round 206067236 Planter Liners 204167070 Custom Copper Quarter Round 206067237 Custom Aluminum Box Gutter 206067239 206824560 Matching Gutter for Bonderized Roof 206824561 Custom Restoration 206824562 Custom Four Inch Copper 206824563 Custom Copper Leader Head 206824564 Custom Cornice Repair I not only had to match this custom galvanized steel cornice but had to invent a process for aging it to match. 206824565